Estate Planning

Estate Planning


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Your estate plan should ensure your wishes are fully and completely carried out.  As you progress though the different stages of life, different priorities will need to be met and circumstances B both joyous and sad Bsuch as births, deaths, retirement, and illness, will occur.  Your estate planning will need to grow and change with your life circumstances. We will develop original estate planning documents, as well as revise existing documents, to ensure your wishes are met.

During your consultation, we will talk to you about your wants and needs for estate planning documents such as:

_   Wills:  to state your wishes regarding how property and assets should be distributed upon your death

_   Trusts: to provide for the gifting of money and/or assets to people and/or organizations (may be revocable or irrevocable)

_   Powers of Attorney: to give decision-making authority to a trusted relative or friend

_   Guardianships: to be established for minor children

     as well as adults with special needs

Our firm also offers assistance in probate and estate administration, the process of finalizing the affairs of a decedent’s estate.